Robert Owings of Jawbone Nation Press

Some people reach out to the mystical.
And sometimes it’s the mystical that reaches out and pulls people in.

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Dear Friends,

I invite you to experience Call of the Forbidden Way as a journey. At its core, the book is an exploration of other realms of reality that operate within and alongside our accepted one. The story centers around one individual’s unavoidable engagement with forces that are active in those realms as well as in what we recognize as the “ordinary world.”

If you are not familiar with these domains, perhaps you’ll enjoy the story simply as a ripping good yarn. If you are interested in shamanic cosmologies, seek to explore such arenas, or are doing so already, I hope you will find meaning and value in this book.

I should emphasize that the realms portrayed in this book are not intended to represent any ultimate reality, although they may be familiar to some. Rather, they represent possibilities. Those who work in these areas well understand that “truth” is elusive and ever shifting. Paradox abounds.

Robert Owings

"I stayed up all night, tearing through your wonderful book, couldn't put it down and just finished it this morning. It feels like I have a real soul brother who's been an intrepid explorer of the mystery schools, expanded states of consciousness, wisdom traditions, and earth medicine of all forms. It was quite brilliant of you to weave these extraordinary dimensions into a fictional account, safeguarding the Knowledge, yet putting forth warnings and blessings for this age."
Meg Jordan, PhD, RN
Global Health Media
Global Medicine Hunter

Music: Tsaparang
Composed by David Parsons Published by Fortuna One Music (BMI)
From Dorje Ling
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